My embryo transfer took place 2 week back & now I have taken the hCG test for which the hCG level is 32.16, does this indicate the pregancy?

Little low. Its positive yes but seems low based on the timing you indicated. Talk to your doctor and they will have you repeat it to get a better answer!

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Do I have a chance of having a healthy pregnancy at being 4weeks after froz. Embryo transfer level 4-21 being hCG level only 365 tranfer was on 4-8-14?

Unclear. The details provided in your question are not entirely clear, but more important than a single HCG value is the trend over time. If your levels are rising appropriately, this suggests there is a chance at a normal pregnancy. I would advise you direct these questions to your infertility specialist who performed the embryo transfer as they will have access to all the lab results.