11 yr old son has chronic stomache aches. Major bloodwork and several gi's (upper & lower) w/sm intenstine follow through. No diagnoses. What's up?

HARD TO SAY. We do not have any of the workup to review or the history or exam.Without that data, the quality of the workup and possible omissions cannot be determined. At 11 the possibilities range from anatomical, infectious,functional,allergic to emotional.Hopefully he was evaluated by a pedi GI working with a child psycholiogist.
Good news. It is nothing serious. He could have functional abdominal pain form stress. He could have food allergies that are difficult to detect. At this point see a chinese medicine practitioner. It can help a lot. Chniese medicine understands symptoms in a more whol-isitc way and can help balance and imbalance. My pediatric patients benefit regular from chinese medicine.