I got drunk 3 times last week the last time being sunday. All this week had headache anxious dizziness. Has occurred for 6 days. Is this withdrawal?

It could be. Without knowing what type of alcohol you've been using, and your previous pattern of use, it's difficult to determine definitively if it's a result of alcohol withdrawal vs. Dehydration (or any other consequence of alcohol consumption). You should definitely check in with your primary care physician to make sure this is not the result of something else, and to discuss treatment options.
Possibly. If you keep getting drunk, you will eventually have problems, some serious. You need to wean yourself off the alcohol.
Maybe alcoholism. You may very well have a serious alcohol disorder, and along with your other medical conditions, may be making them worse. In addition, if you are taking medications for blood pressure and cholesterol, that could be worsening the problem. Please consult with your treating physician and be completely honest and open about your drinking and other symptoms. Treatments can help quite a lot.