When will my baby have his first doctor's appointment after leaving the hospital?

1-4 days. Newborns are normally seen 1-3, sometimes 4 days after discharge. This initial visit allows a doc to check on feeding, weight loss or gain, possible jaundice, and to see how well parents are coping with their new family member's needs.
2-3 days later. Two or three days after leaving the hospital, a newborn should go to the doctor to be checked. The doctor will look at the baby's weight, his skin color, his activity, etc. . . .. Also, the doctor will discuss with the parents how the baby is sleeping, eating, and behaving.
About 2-3 days . Most babies who have been born after a routine vaginal delivery will be seen within about 2-3 days after leaving the hospital. If your baby left the hospital after a longer stay, the followup may not be quite as soon. Your doctor will want to check her weight, examine for any jaundice, new rashes, etc. And also check in to see how things are going with you all once you have transitioned home.
Usually 1-3 days. The first check-up is normally at 2 weeks old. However, current recommendations are for babies who stay in the hospital less than 72 hours after birth to be rechecked in their pediatrician's office in a few days to check for jaundice, feeding problems and any questions that you have thought of since going home. Your pediatrician will let you know how many days are appropriate for your newborn.
3-5 days. Assuming that all is well when the baby leaves the hospital, i recommend that my patients be seen 3-5 days after going home. I see the children sooner if there are problems.