My baby has yellow liquid poop. Could it be from the breast milk?

Could be. The poop (fecal matter) from breast milk (congratulations you are feeding correctly) is usually much looser at the beginning of breast feeding you must remember whatever you eat comes through in the breast milk the stool will harden up eventually so go ahead and to continue the breast feeding and enjoy your baby.

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3mos baby often straining, and just now passing greenish liquid stool with mucus and foamy. Only drink breast milk. Should I concern?

Not particularly. What you consider straining may just be baby dealing with the issue at hand.Weak belly muscles, needing to poop without sitting upright where gravity helps, and making any sound they want because they don't care what they sound like.Sounds pretty normal. Read more...

Since I started pumping to store breast milk my 6 wk old EBF baby's stool is green and slimy. Is this normal? . It used to be yellow and seedy before.

Stool color. newborn stool color will often change color. Yellow and seedy is common in the first few weeks after birth (after the first days of meconium). Color can change from yellow to green to brown and various shades in between. The stool at this age should not be red, white, black, or hard. Make sure you're storing your milk correctly. other ?'s, consult with your pediatrician or via healthtap concierge. Read more...