Is lung cancer hereditary?

Unclear. Non or never smokers can develop lung cancer if they have a genetic mutation to such genes as egfr or eml4/alk fusion translocation. For more info: http://bit. Ly/ygfoko.
See below. There are no defined familial lung cancer syndromes; however, mutations in certain regions of the genome have higher incidence of lung cancer; some inherited changes in metabolic pathway genes may increase risk for carcinogensis from smoking.
Rarely. The vast majority of lung cancer is thought to be caused by tobacco exposure. A small percentage of the lung cancer cases in non smokers are thought to be hereditary.

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Is lung cancer hereditary? And if so how can I protect myself?

To a degree. Some we know, some not clear some genetic propensity 80% related to toxins from smoking.
Rare cases, yes. Most of the time, lung cancer is not hereditary, how ever 1.8% cases hereditary link is attributed, egfr (epidermal growth factor receptor) mutation is responsible. If some members of family has lung cancer, for early detection, extra efforts are needed (not done in general population) to screen by frequent chest x-rays, spiral ct scans. Don't smoke, have healthy habits to reduce incid.

My father recently died of lung cancer is it heretitary?

Can be. But more likely it comes from exposure to toxins from chemicals or more likely smoking.
Yes, but low risk. It is estimated that the risk for lung cancer being an inherited genetic condition (hereditary) is very low (less than 5%.) http://lungcancer. About. Com/od/causesoflungcance1/a/famhxlungca. Htm.

My dad's got lung cancer but was nonsmoker. Could it be genetic / hereditary?

Possibly. The most common cause is tobacco use/cigarrette smoking. This is most strongly associated with squamous and small cell lung cancers. But there are other kinds, like adenocarcinoma that are also common and it is unclear why. Many genetic mutations are aquired and due to smoking, but some may indicate genetic susceptability. More research is needed.
Possibly. Non smokers do get lung cancer, possibly from exposure to other cancer causing agents like radiation, radon, and asbestos. In some cases there is simply no clear cause.
Probable. All cancers have a genetic component. About 10% of the lung cancers occur in non-smokers. To address your unsaid concern, it does not necessarily put you at a higher risk of lung cancer.
Yes. Non or never smokers can develop lung cancer if they have a genetic mutation to such genes as egfr or eml4/alk fusion translocation. Also, patinets with high second hand smoke exposure may develop lung cancer as well.

There is rare inherited mutation that gives you 1 in 3 lifetime chance of developing lung cancer even in non smokers. For someone with anxiety and lost mom to bac lung cancer should I test?

I would not. But the decision is yours. Even if you are positive it does not mean for sure you will get it! What it does mean is that you could never get a personal life or disability insurance policy nor could your children. Ever. The surveillance that I would do for you will be the same rather I know or not just because of your m. I would relax a bit and smell the roses! Sorry you lost your mom so young!
Which gene? Egfr t790m's actual risk is unknown since nobody knows how many people without lung cancer carry the mutation. Even li fraumeni doesn't approach a 1/3 risk of lung cancer. And what would you do with this information if you had it? Hopefully you will always be a non-smoker.

What causes lung cancer?

Mainly smoking. But a lot of other factors (most of which can nit be altered) may play a role. Over 85% of lung cancers are seen in smokers, so if you would like to decrease your chances of getting lung cancer (and also cardiovascular disease!) quit smoking now!
Several causes... But the most common correlation with lung cancer is smoking. Smoking alone will increase your risk of lung cancer by about 20 times by smoking one pack per day for twenty years. Other sources can be genetic (alpha-1 antitrypsin disorder), related to environmental exposures that are inhaled, or other less common reasons.
80% by smoking. Second common cause is radon. Second hand smoke is also common cause of lung cancer.
Many things. >80% of lung cancer is caused by smoking. However never smokers (defined as <100 cigarettes in lifetime) can get smoking. Risk factors include radon exposure, second hand smoke, and genetic mutations such as egfr activating mutations. For more info: http://bit. Ly/ygfoko.
Exposure. Risks of lung cancer: http://goo. Gl/gu9ms as noted by others, number one/major cause is exposure to inhaled carcinogens, particularly combustion/burning products (i.e. Tobacco, marijuana, etc...). Other inhalants are also noted risk factors. Be well and respect yourself.

Symptoms of lung cancer?

Many or none. May be asymptomatic until late! And bad! Cough, production, bloody sputum, pain, fluid - effusion and short of breath, wheezing, weight loss.
Depends. Staging, location, degree of emphysema, co morbidities will determine symptoms on a particular individual. In general, most patients have no symptoms until late. Bloody sputum sometimes occurs. Some tumors may produce hormones. Weight loss may occur with advanced stage. Pneumonia, stridor, bloody pleural effusions, horner's syndrome, chest wall arm pains. Shortness of breath, recurrent pneumonias.