Can I drink pepsi cola, having gallbladder stones?

Even coke. You can even drink coca cola--neither soft drink should have any influence over your gall stones.
As tolerated. All food and drink should be in moderation, and as tolerated. Gallbladder pain usually occurs 30-45 min. After ingestion, so if it doesn't cause a problem, go right ahead. Remember moderation! if you think your gallbladder is causing problems, see a general surgeon for a consultation.

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I have gallstones, need gallbladder removed, heard drinking apple juice, olive oil n lemon juice passes the stones, one is very large. Does it work?

Doesn't work. This alleged gallstone flush results in the passage of concretions of oil that pass through the GI tract and are excreted in to the toilet, looking like "stones". The only way to actually remove the stones is to surgically remove the gallbladder. We could only wish it were that easy. Hope this helps! Read more...
No. No. It's an often mentioned home remedy that does not work. And it tastes nasty too! Spare yourself. . Read more...