What do you do when you have a bi polar child who is very smart but the school is singling him out as trouble?

Get an IEP or 504. If your child has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder then he has by definition a medical illness and requires special help in school. You need to request that the school obtain an evaluation for special services, including an iep or 504 plan. Iep stands for individual educational plan and entitles your son to get special services as set by meetings with his teachers. Either way you need to ask.
Research. Bipolar disorder may have a nutritional component to it. Psychiatry and medication are effective in some. I generally recommend looking further as well. Chinese medicine may be able to help with some of his symptoms as well. Find a counselor who does dbt (dialectical behavior therapy)...It is excellent for middle/high school children. Google bipolar and inositol as well.
Bipolar. This is a serious problem and requires medical and psychological help. The parents also need counseling as the problems tend to be chronic. Be sure your child has psychiatric help and is followed carefully. Medications are often of help. Also meet with the teachers and join the pta to help your child succeed.
Special ed. The parent needs to type a letter to formally request an IEP (indiviualized educational program) from the school. Then they are federally mandated to help not just blame. First paragraph:how grades are being affected and second, list down what you you think may help if school did right e.g. smaller classroom, regular councelor visits , lower homework load, increase social participation etc.