Are human growth hormone supplements bad if not abused. Just in moderation even for sports or gym purposes?

Why bother? They're pricey, they're cheating, and they offer little benefit unless you want to end up grotesquely muscled. Whoever's trying to sell you this is probably claiming benefits that it cannot deliver. Why not be able to tell everyone, truthfully, "This is entirely natural."
You should. Never take anything you don't need. These drugs have medical uses and should only be used to treat specific conditions. No matter when they are used, side effects can occur. If your body does not truly need these, you are only taking a risk.

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Are human growth hormone supplements packed with insulin?

No. Human growth hormone is only available as a purified product mixed in solution for injection under the skin. Its structure and properties are different to insulin. It stimulates the liver to produce insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) with structural similarity to Insulin but it does not lower the blood sugar like Insulin does. IGF-1 mainly stimulates bone growth. . Read more...

What happens if I take serostim (human growth hormone) as a bodybuiling supplement, what side effects can I expect?

Serostim (human growth hormone) There are many much better and safer ways to help with body building. In my mind, if you want to improve your athletic ability you should have a visit or two to a local training program. Read more...

What sports naturally raise human growth hormone the most?

High intensity sport. A sprinter running the 400m will have an hgh spike greater than someone running 5k. Weightifters doing only a few rep max, will have greater increase in gh levels than someone doing many reps. It is absolutely conclusive as shown by a number of studies. Read more...