56 year old (arthritis, lichen sclerosis, yeast) normal blood work except sed rate (42) and alk phos (121) vitamin d 23.9. What are the implications?

Can't be sure. Blood work without context can be very misleading. Your doc should be able to explain why they drew these tests and what they think of the results. I might be concerned about the alk phos or ESR if you had a lot of symptoms, but if you are feeling well I am not much concerned. I would suggest that you take 1000 iu vit d each day.
Nothing specific. I don't know what type of arthritis that you have. I cannot think of any link between arthritis, lichen sclerosis, and yeast. The lab abnormalities are borderline and non-specific. A rheumatologist would talk to you more and help sort all of this out.