Tsh 0.029. Having slight pco problm height 5'1". Weight 49kg. Periods r regular. Taking Clomid (clomiphene) 150mg/day since 2nd day of periods. Want to conceiv?

Abnormal TSH. Have your doctor reevaluate your thyroid. You may have hyperthyroidism. You may not be able to conceive until that is corrected.
Tsh? Did the TSH get taken when u were on clomid? Cloid works by tricking the brain to produce more stimulation for the ovaries. It's generally not at the expense of tsh; higher fsh and lh may trick the brain into making less tsh, but that number is low, meaning the thyroid can be overactive, get it rechecked along with T3 (liothyronine) and t-4. Also many will benefit from adding metformin in pcos, lk up, gd luc.