Wondering about labs that show low wbc, low rbc, low neutrophils?

Patients not Labs. Doctors treat patients not labs, and with good reason. 90% of diagnoses are made via medical history and physical examination (something not currently practical via the internet). Labs are used to confirm or rule out specific concerns. What your labs means, depends on your specifics. The results may be important or insignificant; you need to check with your doctor.

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I have a patient that has acute pancreatitis from hyperlipedemia and lab values are out of wack why? (high wbc, low rbc, low hematocrit, low sodium, high chloride)

You said it. Acute pancreatitis depending on the severity likely to have abnormal labs you mentioned. High WBC is caused by inflammation, low rbc and hematocrit caused by the bleeding within the pancreas or from dic, creatinine and BUN can be elevated when kidneys are failing etc.
Pancreatitis. Pancreatitis can give all those abnormal labs, however very high level of lipid can lead to pancreatitis and abnormal blood test. It is crucial to consult a pancreas expect who will repeat and analyses those labs and will request further imaging.

Pediatric cancer? Low RBC, low WBC, low platelets, low IGM, high MCV, low neutrophils, low monocytes and low eosinophils, occasional myelocytes,

Pancytopenia. Pancytopenia could be related to other issues that needs to be evaluated including pediatric connective tissue disease. Your physician will look at all of these issues.
Tough set of labs. Suppression of multiple cell lines certainly is a concerning finding on a CBC. Yes, there are pediatric cancers that may present with this type of blood test results. Talking to your heme/onc specialist as soon as possible would be advisable! But don't jump to conclusions because a specialist with the "whole picture" may give you a very surprising answer!