What can I do if my fiancee has type 1 diabetes since 5 years, its not genetic, so will it be transferred to our child?

3-6% Increased Risk. You are right in that type 1 diabetes (t1dm) is not genetically transferred, however genes can increase your propensity for getting it. Siblings and children of people with t1dm have a 3-6% risk for t1dm. Certain environmental factors are proposed to be triggers, such as some viruses and having cow's milk under 2 years of age. These factors trigger t1dm more often in those with certain genes.
Possible. Type 1 diabetes can be genetic. It is well know that type 2 diabetes runs in families but type 1 diabetes is often familial as well. Type 1 diabetes can be passed to children so be aware of symptoms like excessive urination, thirst, and hunger along with unexplained weight loss.