I have had foot surgery & have 2 pins in 2 toes these are to be removed in 2 weeks. How soon will I be able to drive?

Drive after surgery. This depends upon your surgeon. Ask the surgeon when it's safe to drive. Typically after the pins are removed or a week later depending on the position of the toes, and the x-ray status. Cannot always give a set time...
It depends... Ask your doctor who put the pins in. I have called our local police department and was told that there in nothing illegal about driving with a surgical shoe, boot, or cast on. Depending on local laws it may be legal to drive any time, your surgeon may advise against it though.
Usually. When patient is out of surgical shoe is the time to drive.
Pins and driving. This is up to your surgeon who will determine this based on x ray analysis of the healing. Speak to him/her for the best guidance.
Driving. If you are having sedation for the procedure driving is not recommended until next morning. From the surgical view point most likely next day, but your surgeon is the best guide.