My daughter is 20 yrs old, height 5 feet 5 inches, weight 95 kg. I am very much worried about her weight. I am a single parent kindly help weight los?

Sensible diet: Eat things that are meant to be eaten: eat real food. Avoid foods that contain synthetic chemicals and additives (i.e. Monosodium glutamate—msg—or aspartame and splenda®). Stay away from the colored or candy-containing breakfast cereals. Eat food as close as possible to its original form. Don’t become a food fanatic. Good nutrition and increased physical activity/work outs are essential.
Low Carb. Avoid starch & sugar (bread, potatoes, rice, candy, cookie, etc.) & get the carbohydrates mainly from fruits /green & colorful vegetables. Eat 2-4 ounces of lean protein per meal plus plant based fat, do not skip any meals. Include some type of physical activity (walking, running, swimming, yoga, dancing, etc.) something that your daughter likes doing daily. Being young she should lose in no time.