Hello, ihave been having very sharp pains in my left shoulder blade that shoots up to my heart. Should I be worried?

Dificult on line. It is very difficult to answer questions regarding chest pain on line. Chest pains are multifactorial & detailed questions re the age of the patient, character of the symptoms and associated medical history require a more detailed evaluation if symptoms concern the patient.
See your doctor. This does not sound like a problem that should be treated on the web.

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I have shooting pain in left elbow. Terrible random pain. Also shooting pain and dull ache in left shoulder blade? Worried about heart.

Must call the doctor. A person with chest, left shoulder, or left arm pain symptoms and is worried about her heart, has to go to her doctor or the E.R. to be checked for a heart attack now. That means not waiting at home to see if it becomes a bad heart attack. It could turn out to be a lung problem, a bone or muscle problem, a nerve problem, or an acid reflux problem, but the heart attack kills people. Read more...