What causes autism, do you really get it from childhood immunizations or is it genetic?

Not immunizations. Immunizations may be the single safest, most effective heath intervention produced in the last 100 years. They are proven to be 99% effective, safe and haved saved literally millions of children's lives. There is no scientific evidence that any vaccine causes autism and huge amounts of independent research proving that that they do not cause autism. Immunize!
Not immunizations. We know for sure that you don't get autism from vaccines. Nobody is sure what does cause it but severl genes have been associated with autism.
Not immunizations. The suggestion that autism is the result of immunizations has been thoroughly disproven. Many thousands of children have been injured and millions of dollars have been spent disproving this fraudulent idea. Yet, there are still web sites that insist there is a connection even without proof. See http://www.Cnn.Com/2010/health/09/07/p.Autism.Vaccine.Debate/index.Html.

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How do you get autism? Do you really get it from childhood immunizations or is it genetic?

Genetic-NOT VACCINES. There is overwhelming scientific research that the vaccines do not cause autism.There is no evidence to support this at all.Is there a genetic predisposition? Yes. But the triggers to bring it out are at present not known. Read more...
Not from immunizatio. Autism is a disorder that appears to start during a pregnancy. In some cases it appears to be an inherited disorder but in others the etiology is unknown. There is no scientific linkage between imunization and autism. Read more...