On perc for l excruciating neck, arm and l head neuralgia. Pain worsening. Neurontin (gabapentin) no help. Can't move w/out help.? Isn't pain responding?

Don't give up hope. There are a variety of other things to be considered based upon the postulated cause of your pain. Physical therapy? Might benefit from muscle relaxant, non steroidal, antiepileptic ( for potential nerve pain) or maybe even an injection or trial of nerve stimulation, etc. Hard to tell from across the country. If your primary doc can't help you maybe a do / chiropractor or pain clini.C.

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Will Neurontin (gabapentin) and percocet control pudenal neuralgia pain, ddd, stenosis in neck, severe chronic abdominal and pelvic pain?

Better option are: . Better options are available for each conditions listed. Severe ddd/c-s stenosis: epidural/surgery. Pudendal neuralgia: surgical decompression is the preferred treatment; pads to avoid pressure while seated; pudendal nerve stimulation; local injection; chronic abd/pelvic pain: opiod induced constipation can worsen this; should work with gyn & GI for better option. Neurontin (gabapentin) okay. Read more...