I have sliding hiatal hernia and sometimes have pain there should I have to get surgery for it?

Not likely surgery. A sliding hiatal hernia is not unusual at all. In a young person like you it is somewhat unlikely to be the cause of pain. It depends also on how large the hiatal hernia is. Recommend you see a surgeon who is well familiar with this type of surgery to get a more definitive opinion. Ultimately try to not eat too close to goin to bed and chew your food well.
Probably not. Hiatal hernia is a bulging of part of the stomach through the esophageal hiatus into the chest. The incidence increases with age; up to 60% of individuals older than 50 have radiologic findings, but only a minority have symptoms. Surgical repair may be recommended when the patient has severe heartburn, inflammation of the esophagus from reflux, aspiration pneumonia. In most patients, antacids work.

Related Questions

I have sliding hiatal hernia (la-b) and reflux. I read there are risks of cancer and barrett in the future. Shall I have surgery to fix the hernia?

No. You can take acid reducsing medication and follow lifestyle changes such as weight reduction (if overweight), avoidance of smoking, avoidance of fruit juice, fatty and spicy foods.

What do you advise if I'm going to get the sleeve done - bariatric surgery - I found out I have a hiatal hernia is that procedure done together or separate?

Together. The presence of hiatal hernia is not contraindication to having a sleeve done at the same time. If you have severe reflux in addition to the hiatal hernia, most surgeon would push you to have a RYGB. However, few surgeons believe that just repairing the hiatal hernia at the same time will decrease the reflux in combination with the weight loss. Very few surgeons may add a fundoplication.