I have double vision after cataract surgery in both eyes - why? My dr. Has tried laser surgery to correct this, still have double vision.

Double vision. Double vision after cataract surgery can be caused by many issues such as residual refractive error, eye misalignment, corneal irregularity, decentration or tilt of lens implants, retinal swelling, or other issues. See your eye doctor to determine the cause and initiate appropriate treatment.
Double? It is important to figure out what double really means.... Two of each item out of one eye? Both eyes? Blurred? Ghosting? Out of focus? Need a good refraction, corneal topography and macular oct to confirm normal structures. Many time surface irregularities (abmd) can be a source!
Other causes. In addition to the excellent answer you may have started or stopped other systemic meds that could be symptomatic if you are one of those rare people. The cataracts with blurred vision may have masked underlying double vision from non eye related disease. See your primary to insure nothing else including thyroid is present.