I tested positive for HPV a year and half ago. Went for a pap the other day and I have PID but no signs of infection. Could this be a sign of cancer?

HPV is the. Leading cause of cervical cancer. Pid, is an infection, commonly associated with unprotected sex and multiple partners. If you have/had pv, you are donating it to your sexual partners when they do not use condoms, and they are donating bacteria, chlamydiae, viruses with everyone they have ever had sex with. Use protection. You are on the road to cancer. Love yourself.
Cervical infections. Testing positive for hpv puts you at a risk of cervical cancer but does not necessarily mean you will progress to cancer. It is important to be compliant with your pap smear exams so that cancer is not missed and early detection of precancerous cells can be managed. Just like hpv, pid is sexually transmitted but this kind of infection can lead to scarring of your pelvic organs if not treated.