I got an STD test and im unsure what the results mean. I tested positive for HSV 1.10. Is that HSV 1? Common cole sores?

Depends on the Test. There are 2 tests for hsv. Both have a threshold of 1.10. This means that you were positive for hsv if your value was greater than 1.1. You would be positive for hsv1 if they used a type 1 test. You would be positive for hsv2 if they used a type 2 test.
Herpes type 1 . A positive hsv 1 titer does not mean much. 90% of americans have this result meaning they have an antibody indicating past exposure to herpes type 1. This is the virus that causes cold sores. In general it is not considered an std although it can be transmitted during oral sex.
10% Roughly 10% of genital herpes is from hsv-1. Treatment the same, less overall outbreaks over time which is good but oral sex is the likely reason u got it. Good luck and don't feel permanently contaminated. It can start to make u feel bad about yourself but up to 30% of adults have exposure to hsv-2 and 70% don't know. If on blood test then prob from mouth, sorry for earlier confusion.