What to give a child to drink that has a high fever and is throwing up all liquids?

Pedialyte. Oral electrolyte fluids, like pedialyte, will replenish not only the liquids lost though vomiting, but also the electrolytes. The key to success is small amounts frequently-give 1-2 tsp every ten minutes for one hour, if no vomiting, increase to 3 tsp every ten minutes, advancing as tolerated.
Think straw. Great question. Drinking fluids does indeed help to reduce fever. Liquids that are cold are fun to drink. Drinking slowly thru a straw seem to allow the intake at a rate that lessens the chance for too much to be consumed and then we throw up. Remember it is not a high fever we are concerned about. Fever indicates an infection. Reducing fever makes us feel better and thus able to drink more.

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