Is it possible to reverse chronic venous insufficiency (fluid retention in lower legs)?

Treatment possible. First evaluation by a vein specialist with duplex ultrasound is recommended. If there are poorly functioning veins they may require ablation treatment with laser and/or injections. In the meantime, graduated below the knee compression stockings are recommended compression of at least 20-30 mm hg and possibly 30 - 40 mm hg, .
Sometimes. There are a variety of examinations and doppler studies than can specifically localize the issues and some can be treated. Fluid retention and thus swelling is a symptom of a number of conditions that need to be sorted out and not just assumed.

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Could chronic venous insufficiency (fluid retention in lower legs) be reversed?

CVI treatable. Chronic venous insufficiency is due to malfunctioning of valves in the superficial, deep or both venous systems. Although not reversible, it is treatable. The superficial valves, if leaking, can be closed via laser. The deep valves are treated symptomatically with elevation, compression hose, possibly lymphedema massage and compression pumps. The goal is to prevent worsening of the cvi . Read more...