Related Questions

Using mouth wash to treat oily hair, does it work? And what other options I can use safely since I have thin hair and hair loss problems?

NO. Mouthwash is for use in the mouth, not on your hair. Would you use shampoo to rinse your mouth? Try shampooing daily. If that doesn't work, see a Dermatologist.
No. Most mouthwashes are high in alcohol content and dry out your scalp.

I have thin hair and I loose about 35-40 hairs a day is that considered hair loss for my case? : (

Everyone different. Everyone is different but it is not uncommon to lose 50 to 100 hairs per day. If you are losing more hair than you have in the past then see your doctor to look for medical causes.

I am having hair loss accompanied by rough and thin hair. What type of diet should I take as a benefited treatment?

See a dermatologist. Decrease stress. Eat a healthy balance diet which includes protein. Have thyroid levels and iron stores checked. See a dermatologist for evaluation and work-up. Topical Minoxidil twice a day is the only proven remedy to thicken hair. However, this treatment it is not appropriate for everyone (given the warnings, precautions, and contraindications). See and discuss options with a dermatologist.
Hair. Balanced diet rich in protein, iron and multivitamin would be recommended.

I am 25 year old male, have hair loss and thin hair. What can I do to prevent hair loss? Can dead hair roots grow back?

Topical and pills. Male pattern hair loss is irreversible once the hair root has "died". There are things to help prevent: Topical Rogaine (minoxidil) Hair transplants Finasteride pills - used for enlarged prostate and NOT without side effects/risks. These are: enlarged breast tissue slight incr risk of high grade prostate cancer can affect liver can alter PSA test results Consult with MD first!

How to cope with sever hair loss as side effect of Imuran (azathioprine)? Have already thin hair and it was tired already. It is serious, thinking about stopping it.

Discuss with your MD. Imuran (azathioprine) is a potent drug that is not used to treat casual medical problems. In other words, you are receiving it to treat an important medical issue which may well return if you stop the drug. If you have a transplant, you would risk having rejection and losing the organ by stopping the Imuran (azathioprine). The good news is that multiple alternate drugs are available - definitely worth discussing with your MD.