What causes anisocoria?

Need to. Eliminate adie's and argyll-robertson pupil (formner reacts, does not accomodate, the latter the opposite), but elevated intercranial pressure. Parasympathetics constrict the pupil, sympathetics dilate it. Overaction of one on one eye will make the size of the pupile vary.

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What causes anisocoria to occur?

Several things. Anisocoria is when one pupil is larger than the other. Anisocoria may be congenital, caused by lesions in the brain or eye or induced by asymmetric topical application of meds. I believe david bowie has congenital anisocoria. Read more...

What causes alternating anisocoria?

Medications. I believe this is probably medications either deliberately or unintentionally being placed in the eye. Sometimes pulmonary meds or powders can inadvertently get in the eyes... It only takes a small amount. Read more...