What is a thrombosed aneurysm?

A CLOTTED BULGE. An aneurysm is a swollen, bulging area in a vessel. They can occur due to hardening of the arteries, trauma, infection, or congenital development. A thrombosed aneurysm is one that has become filled with clotted blood or debris. I hope this satisfies your needs. Good luck.
Clotted. A thrombosed aneurysm is an aneurysm which has clotted and there is no longer any blood flow through it.
Popliteal? Commonly an aneurysm of the popliteal artery in the leg will clot off, or thrombose. This can lead to leg pain.

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Can docs explain what does thrombosed aneurysm mean?

Closure. Most aneurysms are lined by clot, due to the flow characteristics inside the aneurysm, meaning flow tries to stay in the middle of the vessel. If the flow slows down enough, the entire aneurysm closes, or thromboses. This occurs frequently in popliteal aneurysms, located behind the knee.