Which baby skincare products should I use?

No fragrances. The most important thing is to use products without scents and additives, as these can irritate your baby's skin. Many rashes and peeling skin do not require any skincare products as they can be normal for your baby. If it is recommended some safe products are vasoline, aquaphor and eucerin cream.
Less is more. Look for products without a lot of hard to spell ingredients. Children have sensitive skin and might react to things that adult skin can tolerate. We can't recommend specific products on HealthTap but if you do a little internet research you can find plenty of fragrance free products for your baby.
Keep it simple. Baby skin can be quite delicate and sensitive. Your baby only needs a bath about 3 times per week. Use a fragrance free and dye free baby wash and shampoo. After bathing, pat dry and apply a non-irritating baby lotion that is also fragrance and dye-free. As long as your baby has no other skin conditions, such as eczema, he does not need any more skin products. Less is definitely more.