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Can wearing glasses when you don't need them give you a lazy eye?

Theoretically. In theory, yes this is possible but it seems unreasonable a person would wear spectacles making the vision so bad as to induce amblyopia.
No. You would have to wear a strong prescription full time before the age of 10 or 12. This would be practically impossible.

I'm 20. Can eyeglasses realign a lazy eye with the other eye, and improve its vision aswell?

Rx May help. Ambliopia is the process where the brain ignores the "camera" picture from one eye because it is less clear or causes double vision. It can sometimes be improved if the weaker eye is strengthened (glasses), the stronger eye is patched or if the eye is lined up better with surgery. If the process has gone on too long, the brain ignores the fix & surgery is simply cosmetic.