Is it true that laser treatment will stimulate the collagen in my skin?

Some lasers. It is true that some lasers which cause an inflammatory rea tion in the dermis will cause new collagen formation. How much new collagen is formed depends on the type of laser used and the settings of the laser. Not all laser treatments increase collagen production. See an experience laser surgeon for evaluation.

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Is it true that the laser treatment for acne scars will stimulate the collagen in my skin? What exactly does that do?

Collagen generating. One of the best treatments for acne scarring is fractionated laser. Depending on your skin color, texture and extent of scarring there are different laser options out there. A non-ablative fractionated laser like the fraxel re:store or dual has no real downtime, but requires multiple treatments. A fractionated co2 laser is more aggressive with about a week downtime, but may give faster results. Read more...