Large disk bulge with impingement of left L5 ans s1 root nerve. Will I still be able to work?

Depends. A large disc means nothing if it's not causing debilitating pain or severe muscle weakness. Epidural steroid injections can help if the pain is shooting down the leg to the foot and sometimes even if it's just causing low back pain. Sometimes the disc herniations are a red herring and the problem is really the lumbar facet joints. Get a good eval from a pm;r spine specialist.
Maybe. If you can be patient, mainly of these disc problems can desiccate and shrink over many months, but if pain, numbness, weakness proceeding, you may need a procedure. If you do desk work, it will hurt to sit, but heavy physical lifting may make this worse. Wonder if you might respond to an epidural steroid injection, or you might do well with oral or intravenous steroids.