Can a tummy tuck be a form of treatment?

Jeopardy fan? Tummy tuck is the answer, but only for the correct question. For carefully selected patients, tummy tuck provides safe, effective treatment for abdominal wall laxity.
Sure, in that.. a tummy tuck can treat loose skin, stretch marks, excess fat tissues, and abdominal muscle separation. That said, it does not mean that insurance will be likely to pay for the surgery.
Yes... It treats loose abdominal skin and muscle separation due to pregnancies and weight fluctuations.
Not covered. While a tummy tuck is certainly one form of treatment for abdominal skin looseness or muscle separation, it is not a treatment that is typically covered by most insurance plans. It's usually considered cosmetic.
Yes.... It can treat the changes of pregnancy and weight loss. This does not mean that your insurer will cover it adequately though.
Yes. Tummy tuck surgery is an excellent operation for many patients after pregnancy and/or weight gain/loss. This operation serves to remove “excess” skin/fatty. Muscles that have spread with pregnancy and/or weight gain are re-approximated. Bringing them together again in the midline helps to “tighten” the abdominal wall as well as to narrow the waistline. Best wishes.
Tummy Tuck Rx? The most common indication for a tummy tuck is for cosmetic purposes: to remove stretch marks and loose skin from the anterior abdomen and tighten the abdominal muscles. If by treatment you mean covered by insurance, a form of tummy tuck called panniculectomy can be covered at times for massive weight loss patients whose abdominal pannus is causing medical problems. See a plastic surgeon for info.
Tummy tuck. A form of treatment for what? To lose weight? - you lose some weight after a tummy tuck but not much. For looking good?- maybe you can look better after a tummy tuck. Surgery is painful and may have wound problems. If smoker need to stop prior to surgery.