Can an aneurysm be connected to having a stroke and vice versa?

Complex. If an aneurysm ruptures, the blood can enhance vasospasm and subsequent stroke. If one has persistent uncontrolled high blood pressure, this can create a secondary arterial aneurysm, the "charcot-bouchard" lesion, and of course hypertension may lead to a stroke. The congenital berry aneurysm though is not connected to stroke until it ruptures.
Yrs. Intracranial, berry aneurysms can leak, rupture, bleed and cause neurological injury="stroke". Peripheral arterial aneurysm may leak, bleed and cause shock and neurological secondary events. Persons with AAA also are atherosclerotic and at risk of carotid atherosclerosis or coronary disease.

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I just wanted to know can aneurysm be connected to having stroke or vice versa?

Yes. Aneurysm can cause stroke in several ways. It can rupture and cause hemorrhagic (bleeding) stroke. It can also potentially grow in size and compress parts of brain or blood vessels and cause ischemic stroke. Rarely clots can form inside large aneurysms and then travel and cause strokes. Stroke usually doesn't lead to formation of an aneurysm.