How might you include children with Lyme disease in everyday activities?

May need help. The extent of how much a child with lyme disease can be included in daily activities will depend on the extent of his disease consequences. Children with only minimal symptoms, can probably be back to pre-disease activity states. Those with more severe impairment may need help from physical and occupational therapists. A lot of resources may be found from online support groups as well.
Why Not? If a child has been appropriately treated for lyme disease, there's no reason why he/she cannot participate in everyday activities. The child is not contagious to anyone else.

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How do you include children with Lyme disease in everyday activities?

No need to exclude. Children with LD are at no risk of spreading their ailment to others. They can be included with other children in activities that are only limited to their level of tolerance.
Lyme disease. The same as you would with any child. It can be a significant illness but there is also a very large component of nurture versus nature. You must not treat the child any differently, the more involved you allow them, the less likely they will be to allow the lyme disease (esp if treated) to be a factor.

I contracted Lyme Disease a few yrs. Ago. What are the recurring symptoms I might expect down the road?

Unclear. There is a lot of debate and controversy about chronic lyme disease. If you were treated early and correctly, you may not have any problems at all. If you were not treated there may be a variety of symptoms including fatigue, neuropathy (numbness or tingling of extremities), joint pain, etc. Again though, this is a controversial topic and there is a lot of disagreement amongst doctors.
It depends on... If you were successfully treated within a short time of being infected there should be no further symptoms. If you are still infected symptoms are highly variable. Some with chronic Borrelia infection have no symptoms if they are otherwise healthy & have a strong immune system. Others develop fatigue, muscle & joint pain, poor memory & concentration, anxiety, depression, numbness etc. See comment: