What are the benefits and costs of getting a breast lift?

Several. The benefits are many if done correctly by a well-trained and experienced plastic surgeon. You should have a more youthful appearance and "feel" to the breasts, look better both in and out of clothes, and feel more confident. The cost to you will vary depending on where you live and how skilled the plastic surgeon is. Please don't shop price, shop results, skill, talent and experience. Be well.
New shape! Benefits? The results are truly the altered shape of our breast at the risk of some degree of scarring. The benefits will depend on your realistic expectations and goals which are more difficult to assess here. Costs will vary with technique and range from 3-20, 000 and may involve the use of an implant.
Costs vary. Breast lift surgery involves moving the breasts and the nipple/areola complexes up on the chest wall. Depending on the specific patient's situation, this operation usually involves “tightening” of the breast skin envelope. The trade-off associated with the operation is the presence of scars; the benefit is an improved positioning of the breasts. Costs vary depending on exact procedure, region etc.
Mainly aesthetic . Breast lift or mastopexy shapes the breast and lifts the breast to a more pleasing shape and position. The costs will vary, especially if an implant is used in a breast lift/augmentation type procedure.