Mammogram found a breast lump. What should I do now?

Lump. Speak with your doctor. At this point you may need additional imaging, such as an ultrasound, or biopsy.
Follow up. There are a variety if options from repeat mammo, to ultrasound, MRI, PETscan, biopsy, etc. Discuss with a specialist.
C ur doctor. Please go see your doctor or a breast surgeon 4 an opinion on this mass thank thank you.
Mammogram. Was it a screening mammogram was a diagnostic mammpgram orl ultrasound done? Did they radiologists suggest a ultrasound or MRI or biopsy. A lump could be a simple cyst or overlapping tissue. There should be a birads score on the report which may help see what needs to be done next. A biopsy of the lesion may be necessary before seeing any surgeon. Speak to the radiologist.
Not All Lumps Alike. The doctor who ordered your mammogram should receive a detailed report from the radiologist explaining the next steps appropriate for you, be it an ultrasound, biopsy, breast surgeon evaluation, or short-term follow-up. While the concept of a breast lump is anxiety-producing, most are benign.
Consult a surgeon. Lumps in the breast often require a biopsy done in order to find out their nature in terms of benign or malignant. This is best done under the supervision of a surgeon. So you should consult and seek her/her advice.