I just had a mammogram and ultrasound. Why would the doctors want to do an ultrasound on me?

Different view. An ultrasound is commonly added to mammogram in women with young, dense breast tissue. The ultrasound can give a different view of the breast tissue. It can determine if a solid mass or cyst is present. The radiologist usually comes in to speak with you during the exam and answers questions.
Abnormal images. There may be abnormal images suggestive of benign cysts which shows better on ultrasound exam ask the doctor who ordered the ultrasound and he or she will explainto you why.
It means that. there was an abnormality or potential abnormality on the mammogram that required additional evaluation or confirmation with ultrasound. Or, if you have dense breasts, screening ultrasound may be performed as an adjunct test even if the mammo shows no abnormality.