What are ways to reduce breast size?

Lose weight. Breast are mostly fat. Weight loss will lead to smaller breasts. If you are normal weight or have very large breast compared to the rest of your body consider surgical breast reduction.
Breast Reduction. Large breast can cause significant discomfort and inconvenience. In many cases, breast reduction surgery is the most predictable method available to reduce breast volume and provide an aestheetic breast shape. No surgical methods, such as diet and exercise can help if you are over weight, but for congenitally large breasts, this does not always work.

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What are good ways to reduce breast size fast?

Breast size. You can't preferentially lose weight on one part of the body. So the two methods to reduce breast size are overall weight loss & breast reduction surgery.

What are quick, natural ways to reduce breast size at home?

Reduction. Natural ways to decrease the volume of your breast size is healthy methods of weight loss. The only other way is to surgical reduce the breast- this is called a reduction mammoplasty. See a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss this invasive method.
Weight loss helps. But really, the only other proven method is surgery with a breast reduction. Also - avoid Estrogens & phyto-estrogens.

Are there ways to reduce breast size without surgery?

Weight loss. Wright loss is about the only way to achieve no -surgical breast reduction. On occasion estrogen blockers such as tamoxifen have been used to dimish the effects of estrogen stimulation on breasts but this is not typically recommended for routine breast reduction.
Nothing good. Weight loss helps some women. If your breast size doesn't change with weight loss (20 lbs loss = 1 cup size down, approx.), then the next step is to consider surgical breast reduction.

How to reduce breast size?

Breast size. If you lose weight in general, a certain % will be breast fat but the actual amount can't be predicted. Breast reduction surgery is also an option.
Breast reduction. If you are considered over weight then weight loss may reduce your breast size. If not and you are one of the many women with breasts that are to large for their comfort then go see a plastic surgeon. They will be able to tell you if you are a candidate for a breast reduction.

How can you reduce breast size naturally?

Hard to do. Breasts are comprised mostly of fatty tissue and size depends on genetics and weight. The size of your breast, therefore, partially depends on the amount of subcutaneous fat you have. If you are above normal weight, then weight loss/fat loss will eventually lead to slightly smaller breast size. If you are normal weight, weight loss may not make a difference. Good sports bras can help with support.
Other than. Weight loss, there is really no predictable way to reduce your breast size without breast reduction surgery.

Will exercise will reduce my breast size?

Possibly. It all depends on how much weight you lose. Exercise in and of itself will not reduce your breast size. However, if you lose a significant amount of body fat, it likely will. Your breasts are made of fatty tissue and will proportionately decrease in size along with other parts of your body as you lose body fat.
While weight loss. Through exercise will help some women reduce their breast size, many young women tell me that their breast size stays pretty much the same, despite weight changes. In that case, a surgical breast reduction may be the next step.

What should I do to reduce my breast size?

Not many options. Breast size is related to genetics, hormones, and body fat. People cannot change their genetics. Hormones can be measured in men to see if their hormones are out of balance and need treatment. Women normally have lots of estrogen. The amount of body fat is controllable, so losing weight will decrease breast size, but this should not be done if a person is already slim. The final option is surgery.
If you are more than. A big d or dd, and are having neck & back discomfort, and are self-conscious about your breast size, then you might very well be a candidate for reduction surgery. Best to see a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss whether it would be a good option for you.

Can I massage breast to reduce breast size?

There's no evidence. That this would provide any benefit in terms of size reduction. Sorry. Weight loss or breast reduction surgery are your best bets.