Is it normal to have pain after a breast augmentaton?

Pain is normal. It is normal to have pain after surgery as long as you are having a normal amount of pain. My patients are generally off of narcotic pain medications within 24-48 hours after their surgery but that can vary depending upon several factors including size of their implants, their tissue laxity, and the degree of dissection that was necessary. Excessive pain is not normal and should be evaluated.
It can be . Any surgery has the potential to be painful but we can often alleviate, diminish, or relieve pain with medications, blocks, pumps, or surgical approaches/techniques.
No pain no gain. Any surgery is associated with some degree of discomfort or pain, breast augmentation post operative rest pain, last for 2-3 days and is controled with narcotic pain medication . For the following 2-3 weeks , it is more tenderness in motion that is helped with implants displacement massage and acetaminophens. Beyond that, it can be only muscle cramp that responds to massage and anti inflamatory .