Can asthmatic bronchitis be passed on to children from someone else?

No. Asthma is not communicable but for patients with viral triggers, the cold setting off their asthma is contagious. To help protect against this asthmatics should get an annual flu vaccine (killed injectable only, not the live intranasal vaccine).
Genetics. Noses run in families. Asthma, eczema & allergic rhinitis are all related conditions. One parent may have asthma; the other may have allergic rhinitis. Both are risk factors for asthma in their children.

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Bronchitis. Is it possible for my mother to pass her asthmatic bronchitis on to her grandson?

Yes. If asthma is what you mean by asthmatic bronchitis. Asthma like allergic rhinitis & eczema has a strong genetic component. It's common to see several generations of patients from 1 family. But perhaps you mean that when your mother smokes she gets bronchitis & now your son is coughing. You can't change genetics but you can environment. 2nd-hand smoke is a reason why grandma & grandson are coughing.
Yes. Asthma tends to be more common if one or both parents have an allergic problem such as hay fever or asthma.

Can asthmatic bronchitis be contagious to other children?

Viral infection. Viral respiratory tract infections are contagious as they are spread by respiratory droplets. However, to have asthma symptoms that is dependent upon the child having asthma. Thus, if the child has asthma, and then is exposed to a viral infection, he will have symptoms of asthmatic bronchitis.

Hi doctors, was just wondering what is asthmatic bronchitis in children?

Asthma. Asthma is often referred to as bronchitis. The symptoms are similar. Asthma is recurrent wheezing. Bronchitis may be a diagnosis given for coughing. If wheezing is involved And it responds to medication for asthma, it is likely asthma. All the best.

What is exactly asthmatic bronchitis with acute exacerbation?

Asthma. Bronchial Asthma, asthmatic bronchitis and asthma are the same. A typical trigger of an acute asthma exacerbation (flare up) is the cold virus so sometimes asthmatic bronchitis is used by some clinicians. I don't see asthma on your list of diagnoses so you may want to see an allergist / asthma specialist to get evaluated and tested for asthma.

Is it normal to have bronchitis for almost a month? First I was told I had asthmatic bronchitis and then was told I had regular bronchitis. Help!

Bronchitis. It is very possible to have it for a month. Anything can drive it from being a virus to not being treated with the necessary medicine. Sometimes it is residual inflammation that is causing your symptoms. That is where an inhaler or round of steroids can help.
Not unusual. For one kind of bronchitis to give way to another. Some pretty persistent coughs have been out there due to some kind of common infection. It will most likely pass over, but not a moment too soon!

What is walking pneumonia and asthmatic bronchitis?

See below. Walking pneumonia is a type of pneumonia caused by the bacteria mycoplasma pneumonia. It typically looks worse on xray than the patient looks. Asthmatic bronchitis is wheezing associated with a bronchial infection/bronchitis. Both affect the lower respiratory tract/lungs.
Definitions... "walking" pneumonia is slang terminology that refers to a situation where there is an infiltrate on chest x-ray but the person has few symptoms. There are different scenerios that can produce this situation. "asthmatic bronchitis" means that there is bronchospasm associated with bronchitis, an infection of the airways. It can sometimes lead to a cough as the infection is resolving.