Will getting botox help with my self-esteem?

Depends. Botox is given to smooth wrinkles. On occasion this will help the patient have more confidence, and raise his/her self esteem. Every patient is, of course, different.
Botox. It depends. Just like any other cosmetic procedure, if there's a specific problem that you are bothered by then solving it can be liberating. Self esteem can be improved if you no longer think about a problem after its fixed. If you do not have a specific area in mind then Botox will not help with your confidence or self esteem. Hope this helps.
Botox. I caution you that Botox or any cosmetic procedure may not change your self-esteem. It may improve your appearance and how you feel about yourself but often our self-esteem is not related to our true outward appearance. Overall beauty improvement through a healthy diet & exercise regimen is most likely to help self-esteem. Work on finding confidence first in your inner beauty & the rest will come.