If I were to get botox regularly, how frequently can I get it?

~3-4 months. Each person is different, but on average it will last for about 3-4 months.
3 months. Botox is FDA approved for injection every 3 months. Some people get the injections every 3 months on the dot. Others get them every 4, 6 or even 12 months. It depends on how bad your lines are now and how smooth you want them to be. For more information on Botox see: http://www.omahacosmeticsurgery.com/non-surgical-procedures/botox/
Every 3-4 months. The cosmetic effects of Botox typically last 3-4 months, although some patients may need retreatment less frequently. Retreatment is done when the effects have worn off- there is no advantage in treating sooner than that.
Every 3 months. The effect of Botox generally lasts for about 3 months. With regular treatments, the effect of Botox can last even longer. In some cases, the muscles may be strong and may start moving sooner than 3 months. In addition, if you do not receive the right amount of Botox (i.e. 20 units for frown line), the muscles may start moving much sooner than 3 months.
Botox. Generally if you get a good cosmetic response to the treatment, it is recommended to return for treatment as soon as significant muscle motion returns. That is generally in 3-4 months; but some people can go up to 6 months between treatments.
3-4 months. Usually 3-4 months. Some as infrequent as 6-10 months.
3 months. For most patients the effects will last longer, but the company and fda recommend at least 3 months. Depending on the dose, some patients may consider earlier treatment, but that is on an individual basis.