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I am having knee surgery (acl replacement and meniscus scope) and I am allergic to hydrocodone. What should I expect?

Different painkiller. You should discuss the signs of your reaction to hydrocodone with your anesthesiologist, who, based on the other information about your health and input from surgeon will formulate anesthesia plan dor you, that will include the postoperative analgesia. You are not alone and there are suitable alternatives.

I have ACL torn ligament and I want to go to orthoscopic knee surgery. My question is which graft is best for me. And I am not a sportperson.

It Depends. This is a question that lots of surgeons have different opinions on. Using your own tissue is likely the "gold standard" but lots of people have great results using a graft from a cadaver. There are pluses & minuses to each. Generally, younger patients do better with using their own tissue and as the age of the patient increases the difference gets smaller.
ACL graft. Great question. There is no consensus among orthopedic surgeons as to which graft is ideal. Each option has its own set of mild risks and benefits. Most studies comparing graft options in your age group suggest that the graft choice is not a factor related to successful outcomes. The most important variable is probably how the surgery is performed technically.
ACL. Since you are not a "sportsperson" the 1st question is do you even need surgery. Acl reconstructions are typically reserved for those involved in activities requiring pivoting or jumping as well as those who have instability outside those activities. As for the graft choices there are pluses and minuses with most data showing a preference for auto grafts (your tissue) in young patients (<40).

Having microfracture knee surgery; what if doc finds a torn ACL & didn't suspect it? How does he decide weather to use a hamstring or patella graft?

With MRI.... ..It's highly unlikely the surgeon will see any surprises at surgery; torn acls are pretty obvious on mri. As for the second, that's a question best asked of the actual surgeon.
Discuss. These issues should be discussed before surgery so that it is a joint decision between you and your surgeon.