What is it like getting a spinal stenosis?

Varies. Some cars are quite mild. At its worst, patients with spinal stenosis can have severe pain, be extremely limited in their ability to stand or walk, and can even potentially lose control of their bowel and bladder.
It depends. On the spinal level (s) involved and the severity of the stenosis. Mild cases could have minimal symptoms, more sever cases could cause significant pain and various neurologic symptoms related to the degree and level of spinal cord/nerve root compression.
Spinal stenosis. In the lumbar region...Should cause back pain, leg pain, improvement with flexion, and fatigue with prolonged walking. More common in the elderly.

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I think I have spinal stenosis. What is the best way for me to get a diagnosis?

See your doctor. Spinal stenosis is made by appropriate history and physical exam. If these warrant it, an MRI or ct myelogram will confirm the diagnosis.
CT or MRI. CT or MRI imaging can assist with the diagnosis. MRI is preferable because the soft tissue structures such as discs and ligaments can be better visualized by the doctor. Surgery is typically a definitive treatment for the symptomatology, although, non-surgical management should be initiated first.
Tx spinal stenosis. The treatment of spinal stenosis is usually surgical. Physical therapy and spinal injections may help the pains, but the only thing that would help the actual extra tissue growth within the spinal column would be surgery. The area of involvement would need to be defined by MRI scanning.

Can someone get disability for spinal stenosis if married?

Married v stenosis. Spinal stenosis is found in 20% of the population by age 60. For this diagnosis in the lumbar spine alone, it would be very unusual to get disability for it unless your occupation required prolonged standing or walking and you had a private policy just for your own occupation. If it involves the cervical spine & it is causing a myleopathy then it is possible.
Potentially. Severe cases of spinal stenosis can cause paralysis and even loss of bowel and bladder function, and potentially be associated with varying degrees of diabolical as well. I don't believe the ability to "get disability" would be directly related to your marital status.

Could spinal stenosis get so bad you can't bend without extreme pain?

No. Spinal stenosis actully improve with bending forward if the pain is on bending is suggests other etiologies for your pain possibly muscular.
Not forward but. Not bending forward which would open the spinal canal giving some relief but bending backwards would further narrow the canal causing greater neural compression and more pain in severe cases.

Please can I get some advice? For ddd and spinal stenosis 2 mounts injury what to do u?

First DDD & spinal. Stenosis are typically age related changes but there can be genetic predispositions for this as well as environmental factors such as smoking. Back injuries do not cause this from 2 months ago but they may play a role in your symptoms persisting so get evaluated by a spine specialist as to the correct diagnosis & treatment recommendations / options.

What is the difference between spinal stenosis and central canal stenosis and which is more serious. How debilitating will it get already pain daily?

Interchangeable. Many radiologists use the terms interchangeably. In the mild range there is little correlation between imaging findings and symptoms with factors like fitness, overuse, posture, and muscle spasm have a large impact. Get strong, keep moving, work on posture!