Can there be boarding schools that are meant for children diabetes?

Summer camps. I am not aware of any boarding schools set up to care exclusively for diabetic children. However, there are many great summer camps for diabetic kids that give them a chance to meet other children their age with diabetes. This is a great help to build their self confidence, improve their diabetic control and diet with strenuous activity and meet new friends so they know they are not alone.
Very few. Children and teens with diabetes often feel isolated or different than their peers. Boarding schools can be even more isolating when family is not nearby. I recommend camp sweeney in texas in the summer for kids to meet other kids with diabetes their age and share how they handle diabetes related school problems and bond with kids who know just how they feel. Many states have similar camps.
Not to my knowledge . Please check with your diabetes team to see if there is such a school. Some boarding schools may help to take care of a student's diabetes but that will likely involve a discussion with the school administration before considering enrollment.