I'm 21 years old & was diagnosed with mild carpal tunnel in june so I was given braces. Terrible pain is now traveling down my arms. What do I do?

See a specialist. Carpal tunnel is when the median nerve gets pinched at the level of the wrist. The median nerve gives sensation to the thumb, index, middle, and half of the ring finger and these are the digits that develop the pain/numbness/tingling seen with class carpal tunnel. The mainstay of early carpal tunnel management is night time splints but failing that the next step is steroid injections or surgery.
See specialist! Hi viviangee! thing is if the pain is involving your arms , it might be time for further action (ie steroid injection, last resort , surgery!). I usually send my patients to a hand specialist for this (call your local ortho clinic for this)....Bear in mind that carpal tunnel syndrome can cause permanent damage of the hand muscles and nerves so pls do not wait til do not wait til your hand gets weak.
CLARIFY DX. 1. Carpal tunnel is common http://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=lwghddhvm60&feature=share&list=pl07049e4be14c8f25 2 other things too carpal tunnel, cubital tunnel, perpheral neuropathy, neck nerve compression, sleep position, medications, nutritional issues, thyroid or endocirne, diabetes, blood flow, vascular issues... Many things cause "numb" fingers.