Does kidney failure typically cause urine pH fluctuations & protien in urine, but normal bun and creatine?

Renal failure. Renal failure implies the kidneys are not working. When that happens, BUN and serum creatinine rise. Ph fluctuations in urine are normal. Mild amounts of protein in urine can be normal. So, kidney failure can cause a whole bunch of urine changes, but BUN and creatinine have to be abnormal to make this diagnosis.

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My bun was a 10 and my creatine was 0.8. Could I still have kidney failure or would those levels have to be high? I have protein in urine regularly!

Not Likely. Those are healthy kidney numbers. However, you can have other causes of proteinuria or renal insufficiency and should follow up with a nephrologist or your regular doctor. Read more...