Can I get pregnant on implanon? I recently had unprotected sex and he finished in me. It was 3 days after my last period.

Low chance. No contraceptive method is 100% effective but the combination of birth control use as well as having intercourse remote from the time of ovulation, your chances should be very low to get pregnant.
Not likely . Implanon is a very effective birth control method. Of course there are exceptions but Implanon is a highly reliable method. Condoms would decrease the risk and protect your against stds.

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I've had the nexplanon on since February last period was on April. Been having unprotected sex. Recently just had a brown/pinkish discharge?

Some thoughts... One's primary care doctor can check out a new or unusual vaginal discharge that started after sex. The doctor can check for a urine infection, if there are any urinary symptoms. Sometimes vaginal discharges are related to overgrowth of non-dangerous bacteria, but other times they are related to sexually-transmitted infectious microbes that need treatment. A pregnancy test can be done, if needed. Read more...