Is there a link between autism and childhood vaccination?

Absolutely not. See my health guides for information on the research in this topic.
No. This is a hot topic nowadays! there has been no documented research that supports the link between autism and childhood vaccinations. In fact, since the removal of vaccine preparations with a higher mercury content and their substitution with a lower mercury content vaccines, the incidence of autism has not decreased but risen.
Not at all. Someone earlier referenced the article from j toxicol environ health a. 2011 jan;74(14):903-16. It doesn't show causality between vaccines and autism. The authors even state, "although individuals probably have a genetic predisposition to develop autism, researchers suspect that one or more environmental triggers are also needed." the article associates vaccination rates with autism only.
No. The studies were falsified. Immunizations have helped prevent death and illness.
No. Vaccines have helped prevent illness and death. The studies that indicated a link between vaccines and autism were falsified. Immunize.
Inaccurate!!! Someone cited a study in j inorganic biochemistry- it uses a a logic algorithm (hill's criteria) to show a strong association- however, this is not causation. Hill's criteria doesn't even begin to take into consideration, the complexity between genetics and environmental factors that contribute to the diversity seen in autistic children. To conclude so, is dangerous to children we care for.
Autism and Vaccines. Nope. Sadly, many parents of autistic children are desperate to understand why "this occurred to [them]." to date, there is no empirical link between autism and vaccines.
Yes. New studies in journal of inorganic biochemistry, 2011 & j toxicol environ health a. 2011 do indicate a correlation between vaccines & autism.