If the father was tested for herpes 2 virus and is neg. What are the chances the child will get it?

Hsv2 spreads. Venereally or thru the birth canal . Transmission usually not thru father even if positive.
Unknown information. If he does not have herpes he can not send it over to the fetus in the sperm. It would only get there from mom. If she has a 1st herpes infection early in pregnancy it can trigger a miscarriage or birth defects. If she has a 1st infection at the time of delivery she can pass it to baby (30%) and cause brain damage. If her disease is treated/quiet there is ~5% chance she would pass it to baby.
Herpes type 2. One can only spread a germ if it is present in the body. So if dad tested negative for herpes, he will not be able to transmit it to anybody.